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Steam wash

Eco friendly steam wash which removes stbborn dirt quickly and easily without any chemicals at all. It is also an effective remedy for viruses and bacteria.

Interior and Exterior wash

Our popular service for vehicles that require a extra bit attention. An exterior was that leaves the car gleaming, with throughout the interior.

Sofa and Carpet wash

We provide sofa and carpet cleaning service. Sofa and carpet contain fungus, bacteria as well as viruses from dust and stain. We are here to make your sofa and carpet neat and claen.

Car Polishing

Your car is one of your most valuable assets. Let us help you maintain and protect it. When it comes to detailing your car, you can always trust our Expert team. Try it now.

AC Sanitizing

Air conditioners can be excellent allergens (i.e. moulds, yeasts) & bacteria breading grounds.. We provide AC cleaning and Sanitizing service to keep you healthy and happy.

Car and Bike Foam wash

Looking for quality Foam wash in your town? We provide Foam wash service for your car and bike as you desire. We are here to fulfill your expectation at the level best.

Lubricants & Filter Change

Not changing Lubricants and filter time to time may cause serious harms to your vehicle. To continue a smooth service we are providing Quality lubricants and Filter changing service

Ceramic Coating

ceramic coating for cars is extremely great protection for the paint surface. It not only increases the life of the paint but also provides an amazing glossy appearance to it as if the vehicle just rolled out of a factory.

Engine Room Wash

The team of auto detail experts at Rajshahi steam wash has been specializing in engine detailing for years. We have the tools and knowledge required to make your car engine look as good as new, regardless of how long it has been overlooked.

Headlamp Restoration

We provide prompt car headlight restoration services for improved visibility and a smooth drive. Visit our service center to avail car light restoration at a reasonable cost. Our experts use the best car glass cleaner products for car headlight restoration.

Dashboard Cleaning

we are offering our clients with excellent quality Car Dashboard Cleaning Services. Our professionals possess rich expertise in cleaning of car dashboard. The offered services are widely demanded in the market for excellent result.

Scratch Removal

Our technicians take immense pride in the quality of our work and in caring for your vehicle. All products and services used at our service center are of the highest quality to ensure the proper paint texture, gloss, and finish is rendered to your vehicle.