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Frequently Asked Questions

What is steam wash?

Steam car wash is an eco-friendly process that uses steam to wash the interiors as well as exteriors of the vehicle. Steam jet is safe to be used as a cleaning tool for the surfaces. This method has excellent sterilizing and cleaning power; the precaution should be to the process of using it correctly. The steam wash method is considered an ecofriendly approach because it uses a minimum amount of water for the steam, prevents general wastewater runoff, and is emission-free.

Why steam wash is necessary?

• Iron free cleaning process

• It helps to remove the dirt and scratch in vehicle

• It removes bitumen which are gthered from roads

• It helps to remove the dirt stored in interior for long time

• It destroys Bacteria inside vehicle

• International quality cleaning process

• ISO (9001:2000) certified

• American standard

• Uses of microfiber Towel

• Home service is available when needed

• Capable of fulfilling demand according to time

• Time and cost efficient

• 100% chemical free cleaning process